Happy National Drink Beer Day!

Spotlight If you’re over 21, follow some of our favorite breweries on Instagram: @newbelgium, @drakesbrewery & @newhollandbrew.

As far as Instagram is concerned, every Friday is “National Drink Beer Day.” But others around the United States have selected today to trade in their typical happy hour cocktail or glass of vino for a pint (or stein, or snifter) of fermented barley and wheat.

Beer is the third most consumed beverage in the world (after water and tea), which makes it the most popular alcoholic drink around. No doubt much of this popularity derives from the sheer number of beer varieties to choose from. So get in the National Drink Beer Day spirit, pick a brew that suits your taste, and knock back a glass today! (But only if you’re of legal age, and doing it responsibly, please!)

We’re raising a glass in celebration of the joy that is barley and hops. Cheers, and happy Friday, y’all.

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