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R&B singer Luke James, who opened for Beyonce on recent tours, stopped by our Studio A for a three-song set and a chat. About Bey, he said: “She’s my big sis and she looks out for me.”

Here, he performs “I.O.U.,” “Make Love To Me,” and “I Want You.”

Guys, former GOP Senator Alan Simpson really wants us to stop Instagramming our breakfasts. 

But maybe he doesn’t know how gorgeous these home fries look with a side of organic ketchup …

Tomorrow, we’ll stop. Promise.

Lighten your day with … oh. Hmm. That’s a toughie.

I’m mesmerized by this.

Architectural photographer Rob Whitworth of Singapore said this timelapse of Malaysia’s capital took 5 months, 400 hours of work, 4 cameras and 19,997 photographs.

(I used to live there! OK, enough about me. Watch the video.)

Raw video of the Florida pizza shop owner lifting Obama off the ground.

The video might even be better than the photo.

While we’re all on a gymnastics high, here’s yet one more inspiring video.

She’s 86.

Five hundred years worth of YouTube video is being watched on Facebook a day.
David Gehring, YouTube (via Carrie Cochran, Cincinnati)